The Dover Demon

Dover Demon creature

Dover Demon Sightings

Note: The map below marks the streets the Dover Demon was sighted on but not always the exact location.

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Dover Demon Sightings
Farm Street - April 21, 1977 - 10:30 PM:
The Dover Demon Sightings begin with 17 year old Bill Bartlett. Bartlett was driving with two friends and is the only one who notices the creature near a stone wall. The creature reacted to the cars headlights before running off into the woods.

Miller Hill Road - April 22, 1977 - 12:30 AM:
The Dover Demon is sighted again the same night in a heavily wooded area of Miller Hil Road by 15 year old John Baxter. At first Baxter believes it to be a friend until he ventures closer to see the creature.

Springdale Ave - April 22, 1977:
The final sighting of the Dover Demon occurs as 18 year old Will Taintor is driving home with his girlfriend Abby Brabham, 15. His description closely matches that of the other two witnesses.

Possible Dover Demon Sightings
Springdale Ave - Channing Pond - 1972 - 10:00 PM:
Mark Sennot, a Sherborn, MA resident, says he and a group of friends seen, "a small figure, deep in the woods, moving at the edge of the pond. We could see it moving in the headlights." He further says, "We didnít know ó it could have been an animal." However he decided to report the incident to the police.

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